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the sexiest most beautiful girl at your school. Has a hella nice ass. Hates bitches and is very girly but can kick anyones ass at anytime. every guy wants her and wishes that they could have her. she is the most popular girl and any girl that hates her is jealous.
guy #1: dude that girl is hella fine i wish i could have her

guy #2: damn i know thats journee

guy #1: oh that makes sense
by chrissyboo13 June 10, 2011
An amazing, sexy girl. The best of the best. Thick and fun to be around. Perfect ass. Funny smart and sweet. Has the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes. Gives the best kisses and hugs. Makes everyone smile. One in a million. Caring but doesn't give a fuck what anybody else think. Perfect lips. On the wild side, likes both teams.
Girl: Journee killed that twerk!

Girl2: Damn she know what she's doing.
by ...101 November 03, 2013
Odd girl who is sexually confused. Gets picked on by all the cooler more pretteir girls. Has a hard time keeping friends and boyfriends. Spend her free time spending time wither her mom and praying to god.
Girl #1: Do you see that dyke girl over there.

Girl #2: Oh its just a journee

Girl #1: That explains it.
by alexis.cerrato101 February 24, 2010
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