Cow penis
Bitch don't make me pull out my jot
by Leviathon February 21, 2003
Scribble, write, and/or place in memory.

See Eminem's song "Stan" to hear him use the term.
I need to jot that down.
by KJAM February 16, 2005
the stimulation of one's genitals, masturbation, to achieve an orgasm.
I went to the bushes to jot

He jotted three times today

I was busy jotting

I jotted in her eye
by Calahan April 02, 2007
Short for "joto," meaning "fag." Sometimes used by friends to tease each other.
Do you have Mr. Simpson for math? That guy is a jots.

Hey jots, what are you doing this weekend?
by Riconzly April 14, 2006
Acronym for Jizz on Toast.
I ate some J.O.T. for breakfast this morning.
by mummified jizz-eater January 13, 2009
jots to be abnormally gay; to have an immense amount of gay emotion and feeling within one's self
Avi- Bovi why do you have to be so gay???
Bovi- I can't help it. :(
Avi- You jots.
by Avilanche January 03, 2005
A woman that you would bang, but you wouldnt want to date her... A girl thats hot bad has a bad personality.
billy bo jr. : aye would you date her?
louis vuitton jon : no but i'd definitely jot that!...!
by bayfarmboyzzzz September 11, 2011
meaning for the term JOT is a military slang and acronym for "jerk off time"
Instructor: Recruit where did you sign out to at 1600?

Recruit: JOT Instructor so and so.

Instructor: WHAT!? Your were not yet given that privilege Recruit. Guess what, now the whole Platoon is having early shower formation, AND, you will be the participant to eat the bagel after me and the other Instructors gather 'round in a Circle Jerk.
by Instructor So and So September 21, 2010

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