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The joss-o-meter is a system for rating comical, unique or once in a life time events. The joss-o-meter is named after the human rating machine Joss who is the font of all knowledge with regards to rating classic events.

There are seven ratings on the normal joss-o-meter which are:

classendary - for the most amazing events

bloody brilliant - for that which seems classendary at the time yet wears off with age

classic - frequently remenissed over events such as "the bundle incident"

legendary - mostly reserved for people you would go to the pub with

average - that which is not worth rating

crap - events which are hyped and turn out to be below par

a bit shit - the worst people and things on the planet, such as George W Bush, Liberal Democrats, the Holocaust and rape.

"Wow, I would rate that party last night as classic on the joss-o-meter."
by Jermain Jerome October 02, 2006

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