a form of needless competition: boasting that you are better than someone else at something with no real reasoning
"i'm good at guitar"
"i'm better"
"stop joshing"
by theaidsfacekey March 09, 2009
To "fall" or leap from a company ladder in order to get a workman's comp funded Vicodin prescription.
Mike was Joshing when he miscued and broke his elbow. He got his script though!!!
by ThaMain1 October 19, 2010
to creep up in the background of pictures on multiple different occasions. This is usually done on purpose to "ruin" pictures. I can be perfected easily with good timing and unique facial expressions.
Kaleb.. why are you joshing all these pictures?
by Kaleb8811 July 07, 2010
The act of screwing someone over badly - having concealed your true motives by lying and keeping secrets, then suddenly dropping the bomb out of the blue. Joshing is a specific kind of deceit where you try to blame other people by using their outrage as incriminating evidence while getting rid of any evidence pointing to you.
Honorary mention just popped up in xkcd comics.

Famous people who claim to have been "Joshed" include O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake.
Dude 1: O.J. Simpson totally did it!
Dude 2: No man, he was totally Joshed! Can't you see it's all just a big conspiracy to keep black actors out of Hollywood?

Dude 1: Wow, man. My boss kept telling me I would keep my job, but he just fired me out of the blue and then used my angry response to justify it to my co-workers.
Dude 2: Damn, that's a bad piece of Joshing!!
by Banjo2k February 27, 2010
to try and molest one at the movies
When the movie started, he leaned over and was joshing me!
by gertyLUVSyou March 14, 2009
A brummie word for pleasuring oneself.
I'm just joshing with yas entails mutual masturbation.
by David Preece February 25, 2007
The practice of a girl furiously masturbating while she and others have gone for a wondle
While the others girls fixed their make-up she engaged in some rapid joshing – better known as beaver smudging
by Robert. C. Blache May 01, 2008
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