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acronym. jore, Just One Ridiculous Example.

n. jore, slang format of "just bore". Taking 'j' from "just" and 'b' from "bore", it is "jore".
Example: Oh, Jon & Emily is jore.
by Zort October 12, 2004
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1. a synonym to the phrase "insignificant dirt" or "piece of shit."
2.To be worthless or useless. 3.Something that does something else absolutely no justice/credit.
*However, it is not an insult. Its the kind of name you call your best friend when your making fun of a loving way, of course. ;)
1. "Jenn is Jore." and "You good for nothing piece of jore!"

2. "That Jenn is such a jore!" and "Shut up, you stupid jore!"

3."Jenn's face is pretty but her hair is SO jore." and "Jenn's mini skirt looked awesome, but the big, black combat boots she wore with them were completely jore."

by thts x hardcore March 08, 2006
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a form of STD caused by eating too much sugar while having sex
I heard Samantha is a jore.
by salty ginger January 22, 2011
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