A cyoote little crack-head that smiles like a retard but hesh still cyoote. Prolly hash a gf irl but who cares. ^^
"Misha and Riffin are both obsessed with Jordie but neither of them are getting him."
by Riffin October 03, 2003
Top Definition
A Person that comes from Newcastle, And has a distinct accent
" Y i man"
by Urban Doctor June 23, 2003
A Local term not found outside the Portobello area of Edinburgh Scotland, meaning the unscrewable bowl of a cannabis pipe screwed through an airtight hole in the centre of a plastic juice bottle cap.

There have been examples of the same principal being employed using an appropreatly sized socket set peice instead of of a traditional bowl.

This alows a stoner to smoke a whole range of homemade devices whith ease and success, compared with the other option which is foil.

The term can also be applied however less acuratly, to describe the mouth peace of a (bong).

"Hey man, wheres the jordie?"
"Cunt, I've dropped the jordie in the (bucket) water".
"This jordie is not air tight".
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
Believe it or not, Jordie is a name used outside of Scotland..
Can be a name for guys or girls but it's an sexier name for girls.
These girls are usually outgoing and fun
Guys and extremely athletic and most likely into hockey
Can also by spelt Jordi, Jordy, Geordie, or Geordy
Sue: Hey do you know that girl Jordie?
Bill: Ya i do! I also have a guy friend named Jordie too
by sweetwebsite June 14, 2011
1)To legit to quit 2)better then you
Woah you're so jordie today

Someone's a little jordie

Lets be a jordie
by Weezalicious August 18, 2013
A person that comes from Newcastle and has a distint accent
' Y I Man!'
by Urban Doctor June 23, 2003
A crackheaded player who feeds on Lg's and treats them like items and ditches them if he gets bored. He's a lowlife loser who gets high and forgets everything. He's lived double life than he remembers. And he's an Albacore Tuna.

He better learn fast cuz when he messes with the wrong family, he's gonna get it.

Hey jordies!!! BETTER WATCH YOUR HAIR!!!!
Jordie: You are so hot!
Lg: o rlly? thanks
Jordie (while LG's friends are in a bathtub): You wanna go out?
LG: yes

3 hours later
Jordie(on facebook): It's over
LG: pissed
by Snack Kit April 10, 2010
Another reason why America Got Attacked
Jordan's an American?..Shit we all better get to Africa
by Lesley March 24, 2004
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