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it's a state that only cool people are aloud to be in, it happens when you drink massive amounts of Joose, and no, you're way more than drunk, you're JOOSIFIED.
Natalia: Dude, when are we going to get Jossified?
Eitan: Let's go to Duane Reade and get some Joose now.
Natalia: NICE.
Adrianna: What are you doing guys?
Parces: We're getting joosified, can't you see it. (everybody shows their orange tongues)
by ParceBovary May 06, 2010
Feeling nice off of a Joose beverage, or several.
I was so Joosified last night. I don't remember a thing.
by KroniKaBUSEr May 04, 2010
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