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N. Eitan Often confused with the name Akon, or Ethan. Yet it's actually much cooler.
Hey, Eitan, aren't you a famous singer? Oh wait that's Akon.
by tristdance August 07, 2010
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One of the best friends you will ever have. He is extremely smart and might not talk very much at first if you don't know him, but once you get to know him, he has got a great sense of humor. A loyal and truthful friend. One of those friends who you will remain friends with for a long time and you can't stop being friends because you know was too many embarrassing things about each other. Just a good guy to have as you friend.
Teenager: Hey Mom I'm going to go visit Eitan.

Mom: Okay honey, tell his family I say hi.

Mom's internal thoughts: Oh goodness, I hope she ends up with that boy, he's so fine and loyal. What a true friend he's been.
by All The Username Are Taken December 30, 2012

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