A brand of parfum (perfume) from Paris.
Wow, you smell like Joop.
by Jess ^.^ December 11, 2003
Top Definition
poop and jack it at the same time
How could you ever joop that is sick.
by EvanZav September 19, 2009
to leave or depart but in an urban, hip sort of way
Hey man, let's joop out of here.
by cstrom August 18, 2011
Verb - To emulate the ancient orange haired, opium smoking, banana eating Orangutan named Joop, born on September 21st, 1900.
Joopin' 24/7!

Dude, are you going to Joop out tonight?
by syrucrosse01 November 16, 2010
Something that some teenagers made up with the names alchowei and vodqour and they called there group JOOP wearing purple bananas. Until one day they went into a store and saw a mens cologne called joop. then they shut the hell up!
Tj- yo mario did you see them joop groups be walkin down the hall

Mario- yea there whacked.


yo that shirt your wearing is so joop
by BABY GUrlZ February 04, 2009
a sound to make while poking someone esp. you make them go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
by snail racer April 10, 2010
Joop is very strong fruty colonge of questonable origin it is of an unnatural pink color and might have come from a toxic waste dump but you know man it gets the ladies
Brandon(the man) :Jeorge Ur wearing joop i can just smell it
Jeorge: Well you know mang it gets all the ladies
Felix: hea mang back off
by The tits March 21, 2008
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