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not to be confused with the perverted definitions placed before this hilarious word was invented, it officially means

The movement of the male anatomy (AKA; the penis) by an external force
(ie: wind, hand, body movement, the act of masturbation, erection)
to flop up and down excitedly
When the person ran with boxers in gym shorts, his weenis jongled uncontrolablly
by someone out there is gonna get me October 11, 2006
44 9
the act of jongling is when a girl grows her pubic hair to a considerable length and then urinates and has a period so the pubic hair can be sucked dry by thier partner (male / female).
"ed and greg thought tea bagging was cool but when i jongled my girlfriend lucy and told them they were very impressed" said rob.
by gweggyy April 03, 2006
11 29