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(n) 1. A place where people (now known as 'creepers') can let out their secrets about the Jonas Brothers. Modeled after Post Secrets.
2. Used to be a great place, but now is full of crazy psychopaths who don't know what the fuck they are talking about anymore.
3. A facebook group that people use to worship Candis Leigh and Nichole Honer
4. A place full of noobz
5. 5 too many groups on facebook
Nick: It looks like some girls are following us.
Kevin: I really hope none of those are Jonas Secrets girls, they might try to rape us.
Joe: That girl looks like Candis, let's ask for an autograph!
by asdfggfdsa123456789 December 22, 2008
A group of creepers on facebook who talk about the Jonas Brothers and make up different theories about the boys' life.
Dude I just joined this group Jonas Secrets. Did you know that Joe Jonas stuffs with socks?
by RUCreepin December 19, 2008
An awesome Facebook group composed of the coolest Jonas Brothers fans in existence. It's like Post Secret in the way that you write things on a picture and send it in as a "secret" but it's all about the Jonas Brothers. Then hilarious people like Clintt Eastwood and Glen Coco comment on them with hilariousness.
Me: You creepin'?
Random person: 0_o what?
Me: You know? Jonas Secrets?
Random person: really what?
by LaurenJT December 22, 2008
A group on facebook that is like family. Creeps.
Jonas Secrets are amazing!
by Oliviaaa=] September 27, 2008

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