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a gay member of any group of friends named Joe. The jomosexual isnt a rare species, and its natural habitat is your close group of friends
Last night I was hanging out with the fellas when Jomosexual showed up and queered up the night.
by jdot May 12, 2006
For most people, a Jomosexual is
Understood to be a
Kinda guy.
Unlike the common definition of a
Mere "gay guy named Joe"
Is not completely correct. To be
Entirely correct, it's just an insult made up to attack anyone named Joe.
Joe is beating me in an argument, so I'll just call him a Jomosexual, ensuring my "win".
by Loco Joe January 13, 2007
a guy named joe.. who's friends just made up the name because he made up names for them
Joe: hey Handog
Hannah: shut your face Jomosexual
by HannahBrown November 29, 2008
a guy named joe who likes guys to stick it in his asshole and pays them to do it, but secretly hates the guys that do it.
there is a jomosexual at gary's.
by joe's pimp July 26, 2006
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