1.used as a noun to describe Lewis J Costin
Jojomo thinks jomo is funny cause he makes her laugh :p
by jojomo May 28, 2010
A homosexual. If the word was said in spanish, it would be pronounced "Homo" (The 'J' makes an 'H' sound)
Man, Tony is really acting like a jomo lately. He's been rubbing my leg and hitting on me alot.
by Phillip Doerner June 03, 2004
Joy of Missing Out: A sensation of pleasure caused by social deficiency. JOMO cherishes moments of aloneness, it distances one from the extravagant broadcast of social interactions on sites such as Facebook. The opposite of FOMO, or "fear of missing out." The term was first published by ART PAPERS in January 2014.
The JOMO user is so happy not to be there. When the JOMO user does go out, he or she almost immediately regrets it - besieged by FOMO on missing JOMO.
by socks45 June 18, 2014
1. noun {pronounced Joe-Moe}; an effeminate, non-threatening male celebrity using said non-threatening 'charisma' and metrosexuality to target pre-teen girls into spending time and money on them. Often utilizing emo characteristics and tendencies. The term refers to the primary perpetrator of the image, Joe Jonas, and combines the words Jonas and homosexuality (also called homo and mo ) - hence JoMo. The roots of the terminology came about when discussing why other gay men seem to like such pop-figures.
Prime examples of JoMos would be: "That Joe Jonas is such a JoMo, with his new pixy 'do, trying to look almost butch." and "Justin Bieber is the new king/queen of JoMos, could he look more like an emo metrosexual?"
by praetor1983 October 11, 2010
An acronym for "Joy Of Missing Out" and is a strange kind of emotional release when you realise you've been left out.
Opposite of FOMO = the Fear Of Missing Out
Person 1: Doesn't it bother you that (insert trendy object/action etc.)
Person 2: Nahh, I'm JOMOing this month *sighs with relief*
by olyverr December 23, 2013
Jonas Brother + Homo
Guy 1 : YO, I like them Jonas Brothers.
Guy 2: Dude those Jomo's?
by twiglettwiggy November 06, 2008
To go through life having moments of unintelligence in all fields of thought.
John: Where do babies come from?
Geoff: Jomo!
by awfycooper March 07, 2011

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