Can be used as a noun or adjective. A person who is "In the dark", or clueless about life or sex. Originated from John Morrison himself, a clueless fool who knows nothing about sex , but was later shortened to JoMo.
1. "That JoMo is so clueless!" (noun form)
2. "Stop Acting so 'in the dark' and JoMo!"
by IDrinkCheese January 14, 2008
1. noun {pronounced Joe-Moe}; an effeminate, non-threatening male celebrity using said non-threatening 'charisma' and metrosexuality to target pre-teen girls into spending time and money on them. Often utilizing emo characteristics and tendencies. The term refers to the primary perpetrator of the image, Joe Jonas, and combines the words Jonas and homosexuality (also called homo and mo ) - hence JoMo. The roots of the terminology came about when discussing why other gay men seem to like such pop-figures.
Prime examples of JoMos would be: "That Joe Jonas is such a JoMo, with his new pixy 'do, trying to look almost butch." and "Justin Bieber is the new king/queen of JoMos, could he look more like an emo metrosexual?"
by praetor1983 October 11, 2010
The word jomo means a little female creature who resembles a small animal much like a tortoise. It is also inspired by China and usually said in the same sentence as the word Soy Sauce.

A Jomos habits usually include having a strange love of Hello Kitty and eating good food. She usually stays close to her peers especially those who enjoy the presence of arms. A jomo is your friend.
Aw, what a cute little Jomo.
by Random March 16, 2005
A homosexual from smethport pennsylvania who's real name is Jeremy. He is a big fag and everyone references him as jomo. Especially his life parter who's nick name is "BALLS"
I caught jomo looking at my BALLS in the locker room.
by Hannahs January 29, 2005
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