An adjective for an incredibly stupid person, or a person without a clue. Pronounced - jo(in french accent)-kay
He's so jokey!
You are such a stupid jokey clueless idiot!
by laugeinggirl July 22, 2009
Top Definition
Noun, Adj. The feeling of lightheartedness and finding humor in anything and everything; making almost no serious statements in a conversation, joking constantly. Often used to describe one's mood. Can also be used when someone is trying to be humous at an innapropriate time.

Originated with the Smurfs. Jokey Smurf is best known for giving explosive gifts, and laughing at everything, funny or not, often to the chgrin of Brainy.
I always feel kinda jokey after a few drinks.


This is a funeral, don't be so jokey!

or (as an adjective)

Look at this jokey motherfucker.
by Adam S. June 08, 2005
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