one who uses jokes multiple times, even to the same audience; while joke recycling is still eco-friendly, it shows a lack of creativity and sense of humor
"You know this is the only time in the game where you actually crash a castle?" "Leland, that was the third time you've said that joke, you're such a joke recycler."
by ChacoBell January 16, 2012
Top Definition
When you say a joke around someone who later uses the joke as if it was said for the first time without giving any credit. This is usually done in the presence of ladies or large friendly gatherings.
Rob: Dude, you totally just recited the joke I said yesterday to impress that broad, real classy.

John: Yeah, and it was one hell of a joke!

Rob: Wow, look at this proud "Joke Recycler" right here.
by Joke Recycler June 23, 2014
One who poses the lack of humor, has no imagination to create humor on their own, must use the funny humor of someone else, to recycle, re-use, most likely to be laughed at, then laughed with, a real jerk butt, i.e " a new joke "...
A true joke recycler.... A bearer of bad jokes!
by Latin Super Star January 03, 2010
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