a remote control for tv/cd/dvd/etc.
where did the joint go?
pass me the joint.
by nez December 30, 2003
A delightful pair of boxfresh urban kicks.
" Wazzup Fat Beezie ma' Bruther, I just gon' down 'da versace an' picked up 'dese nasty joints fo' ma bitch!She's eatin black t'night!"
Personality/way of doing things in life
his joints are so annoying
by Kooby May 25, 2005
very large breasts, breasts that appear to bust out the top of a girl's turtleneck.
Huge tits or ta tas
Hey dog that breezy got some big joints, im gonna squeeze her and nipple nibble.
by Killa aka Smooth May 05, 2005
a joint is a place or part of the body where 2 bones join together, usually so the bones to move
my wrist is a joint in my body
by nerd_freak15 March 29, 2015

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