nasty gurl, or a hoe, some one who is easy to get wit
the nasty thing she a joint
by aiyana March 03, 2005
1)So let's get to the point let's roll another joint
Turn the radio loud I'm too alone to be proud
You don't know how it feels
You don't know how it be me
Tom Petty Sings the song about rolling a joint called 'You Dont Know How It Feels'.
by M*A*S*H January 10, 2005
usually a blunt, but in central Florida and other parts of the south, it simply means a song
Did you hear that new Rick Ross joint on 102 Jamz?
by DangerousZANE June 08, 2006
the equivalent of a year in jail. used originally in the New York New Jersey area.
1)"Yo my n***a shot that dude in the lot and he gotta do 10 joints for that."
by cmoneybags December 16, 2005
a joint is weed rolled up in a thin paper dats made for putting tobacco in 2 make ur own cigerette or 4 ur weed, or wat evr 2 want it 2 b 4
want a hit of dis joint
by none ya buiznaz bitch January 11, 2007
A word used to describe how tight or how good a female is during sex.
man i was fuckin this one breezy, man she had joints i cant wait to fuck her again!
by Kir'stie May 19, 2005
Can be any new saying or phrase, possibly even a song.
"Obie Trice, true name no gimmicks,"yeah we started that joint right there!- Obie Trice (interview with KSFM)(2003)
by bojzzle July 09, 2004

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