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amazing kisser, beautiful girl, funny, athletic, nice, cool. shes cut, bangin body. every guy wants her because she is laid back. but she can bitch out someone when she needs to!! shes not a slut, like you.
that joie girl... ? yummmi .
#girl #funny #back #athletic #nice
by anonymous1234233 July 20, 2010
She is amazing, beautiful, smart, nice, sweet and she is always nice and is never mean and is very smart and if you get to meet aa joie don't let her get away
Joie is beautiful
#beautiful #smart #amazzing #nice #sweet
by skyler loves joie January 13, 2012
Pleasure; enjoyment; happiness
"And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung."
--Humor Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Classification and Analysis by Warren Shibles.
#joy #joey #vivre #amour #pickett #weltanschauung.
by HeartlessHackle February 04, 2010
Joie is a girl who likes to fool around with herself and others, even herself in front of others. She likes men and women, and a whole lot of sex.
Guy: Oh that Joie is so hot!

Girl: I know, right!
#joie #bitch #slut #best friend #amazing
by imaflyypersonyoo November 18, 2010
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