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Little town in upstate New York, about an hour from Albany. Can you spell scummy? Probably not if you're from Johnstown. One of the best football programs in the Sir Bills Circle. If you've ever been here, you've probably lost some brain cells. The education system is terrific with foreign language options ranging from Spanish to Spanish. 90% of the fast food industry's employees are from this beautiful city. If you're smart enough to get out of here, do it.
What's the difference between a garbage can and Johnstown?

One's foul-smelling, filled with trash, and absolutely disgusting. The other one's a place where people put their garbage.
by Washington slept in my house January 28, 2014
The place normal Gloversville folk flee to to avoid breeders zombies and thugs that took over their once fine city!
I had to go Johnstown to save my life!
by jimmyjamz July 22, 2015
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