Snorting a line of cocaine off of a dudes dick. Also known as a J-Rock.
I was fiending for coke so bad that I was willing to do a Johnny Rocket off of my dealers dick.
by BigDWill January 13, 2013
Top Definition
He brought the "early90’s+future Remix style’’ into this fasion game of The San Fransisco Bay throwing his concept style . many photos in are taken by himself IN Vallejo,CA. Please notice that his style his not simply so-called RETRO. the color balance and sizing, the use of never-seen items should be acknowledged as much as the impact of his style as a whole. Some of you might already noticed this. but he established his style under the two completely different influences. one was the ’’80’s movement’’ the other was ’’Bay Area urban style’’. At that time..... the RETRO KIDS was leading the 80’s movement. brands BAPE/ICE CREAM,PHENOMENON/SWAGGER were delivering more colors and freedom to the streets. one day, he got an idea of creating the style of ’’80’s+2000’s devided by 2’’ therefore "dopeness of NYC+SF devided by 2’’.... then he started wearing early 90’s bright neon-color gears with urban style items. he tried to name it as ’’Old skool remix’’ or ’’Future-Retro’

visit him at
johnny rocket is the true retro kid
by josaphine jones May 08, 2008
A national restaurant set in the 50's. Jukeboxs are at every table, and the bar, where you can choose a selection of 50's and 60's songs that will eventually play. They have the best milkshakes ever, and serve tons of amazingly delicious greasy food. The waiters/waitresses and cooks also dress in 50's attire. Old Coca-Cola ads also adorn the walls.
We had to stop at Johnny Rockets before we continued shopping. I needed a fucking milkshake ASAP.
by Mister Portman October 31, 2005
the best hamburger place on the planet. their burgers arent fake and processed like mcdonalds and burger king. all their stuff is fresh. and the service there is really good.
i had lunch at Johnny Rocket. it was sooooo good!
by SexyLexie April 01, 2007
The act of aiming a moving vehicle at a person/group of people, then bailing from the vehicle before it hits said person/group.
"Did you hear that Bill Johnny Rocketed his ex-wife when she set fire to his lawn ornaments!?"
by Brobrobruh April 23, 2015
when a person takes a bottle either full or empty and places it on their testicles while holding it in place then sits down then leans back then takes the bottom of their foot then strikes it on the top of the bottle to hit their testicles
my friends dared me to give myself a a Johnny rocket and my balls hurt so bad
by smoke_detector July 24, 2014
cum shot or sperm or baby splatter
im goin to make a johnny rocket in your face
by Augusto Tarrius March 15, 2005
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