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The most arrogant asshole you will ever meet. He thinks he is a big bad police man, though he is really just a dunkin donut eating rent-a-cop. Some nights he even tries to pretend to be an EMT.
We called the po po for a shoot out in plan 11, but Johnny Cochran showed up instead.
by hingle mcringleberry January 07, 2014
1937 - 2005 (died of brain tumor)

The famed attorney on the OJ Simpson trial.
Some call him evil, others think he's a good man, but most just call him brilliant. If you can get a murderer off on such a high profile case, you must be.

He said the most important words of the whole trial anyway -
"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

- stated Johnny Cochran, refering to the glove used as evidence in the trial.
by toee May 09, 2006
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