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A round-about way of saying "your momma."
Often used in online games such as SOCOM or Battlefield to cleverly say "your momma" as a 'clever' username.
Practical example: "Joe Momma sures likes to wrestle!"

Gaming example: "Mr. Noob was fragged by JoE MoMMa with AK-74s"
by Alex January 21, 2004
1. A sleek and slender young chap who is quite the looker.

2. A chill ass motha fucka who gets the bitches

3. Another form of the phrase "your mother"
"Damn son, i wish i could be like joemomma, all layed back and shit."

kid 1: hey dude what did you do last night?
kid 2: i did joemomma!
by st3v3 P March 25, 2009
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