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A caucasian male with an african american dick
When I got the white boy home I realised he had a Joe Brown. I got it gooooood that night.
by VPookie September 20, 2007
a caucasian male with an african american size penis
I was at the bar and met this white guy took him home and he had a joe brown. I kept him.
by Vanessa Williams September 26, 2007
Someone who smokes a lot of marijuana
That kid? He's blazed all the time, i'll tell you he's a regular joe brown.
by Jesse Hertz December 19, 2006
a fat black dick
i have a joe brown
by joebrown12345erer May 24, 2012
An annonymous psuedonym, equal to "John Doe"
Medical Examiner: We got ourselves a Joe Brown here, estimated time of death, 1300 hours

Officer: What's your name sir?
Suspect: Joe Brown you pig!
by Jesse Hertz August 08, 2006