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A condom, especially while in use.
by Web Willy April 07, 2003
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A brand of jockstrap from the manufacturer "Jock Sock" featuring a pouch for supporting the male genitals that is sewn directly into the waistband, obviating the need for straps.
Oscar-winner Yul Brynner was the face of Jock Sock in "Yul Brynner for Jock Sock" advertisements carried in comic books and men's magazines in the late 1960s.
by Tummy Augratin July 13, 2013
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Jock Socks are what nerds, geeks, or people who hate jocks/sporty people Call crew socks (preferably Nike Elites) or any type of basketball sock.
Burt: "Hey did you did you see Jacob walking around in his jock socks?"

Andy: "I know they are so stupid!"
by bandit dewski February 22, 2015
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