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A well known athlete who repeatedly makes poor decisions.
A-Rod can't get out of his own way he is such a jock ass.
by Mr Fair April 05, 2009
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A jock that misleads one of his fans that he is an open-minded athlete, then turns on his fan in a very ugly fashion, dropping the facade at the worst possible time to prove he stayed true to being a typical meatheaded jock, thus tarnishing the fan's impression of the athlete, causing damage to self-esteem.
The fan thought he was diverse and open-minded athlete that was mature beyond his years Then the truth reared its ugly head; the big guy the fan considered a caring brother figure turned out to be the most shallow jockass known to man, and crushed the fan's spirit once he heard the rumors spread by the douchebag.
by SpurnedShark January 02, 2010
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A jock that is an ass
That jock-ass needs to get off the football field.
by TSMPRAISE October 22, 2010
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A jock who is also an ass.
Captain of the ______ team, AND a manwhore? What a jockass!
by UDaVoid September 10, 2007
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