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A jobgoblin is someone who has illegally traveled north into the United States in search of work. jobgoblins are characterized by their greasy skin, strong odor, love of extremely loud foreign music, and the inability to communicate properly with bosses, foremen, and strangers. They are also noted for their great consumption of cheap alcohol and napping on the job. When a jobgoblin successfully travels into America, he/she tends to move to an area already inhabited by other jobgoblins in hopes of avoiding suspicion. They then proceed to find work in agricultural fields, such as orchards and dairies, working for small amounts of cash to add to their welfare checks. They tend to steal tools, car/tractor batteries and sleep on the job. Once a region is infested with jobgoblins, there is no hope of removal for their numbers increase exponentially from the lack of use of birth control, love of welfare checks, and protection offered by the Democratic Party of America, given for unknown reasons.
I can't stand it. Even though I put up a sign saying there are no jobs available, jobgoblins still keep pouring in looking for work!
by h8s2makeusernames March 02, 2011
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