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Just kidding -- not really.
Maybe it would be better to get together after your biotch pill wears off. JKNR.
by tomalexander19 September 08, 2010

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It is an acronym that stands for "Just Kidding...... Not really". This saying means that you weren't actually kidding. It can be used in many ways.
1. An easy way to get out of an insult.... but adding a bitchy twist.
2. It basically means that you meant what you said.
3. It adds humor to an embarrassing thing you just admitted.
(often used on facebook and texting.)
1. Your breath reeks! jk-nr... your breath honestly reeks.

2. Shit!!! I forgot to do my homework last night...jk-nr

3. Christy: I am dating Jared from the chess team.
Stacy: eww
Christy: Jk.......nr
by Apear94 December 30, 2009