Used to indicate that you have tricked or caught another.
Another way to say Gottems, Gotcha, Tricked You, or Psyche.

Originally spelled Gizzums but changed to Jizzums on Jan 26, 2005

(Created by Bijoy Thomas in 2004)
Hey I just got a lambo for my birthday.

Guess what! Im going out with Bobby, Jizzums!
by BJoy January 26, 2005
Top Definition
sweet secretion from the male reproductive ogran used in college games, cooking and facial art.
Wipe that jizzum off your face bitch! i dont wanna snowball!
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
Thick white fluid containing sperms that is ejaculated by the male genitalias. Used as noun or verb.
n. - My jizz smells like fish.

v. - I'm about to jizz after looking at free porn!
by Tiffany November 02, 2002
Jizzum...comes from the rhythm......from the man....with his gland in his hand....produces chowder...from within um!
"Little Johnny took out his little wee-wee and tugged on it until it spit up...Jizzum!"
by Testa Aunt January 13, 2004
Cum , sperm , spuge , male or female ejackulation fluids....
Girl , i got Jizzum all in you hair !!!

You must have be hungry girl , you sucked down all that sweet Jizzum !!!!
by Heyman3000 April 13, 2010
the little monsters that reside in your jizz
There's jizzum all over my face
by asr123456 January 31, 2011
Idioms that deals with jizzing. Preferably when not intended to do so... like in the pants, or while walking in the park. See example.
Hey Steve, your pants "came" out wet.. get it? Get it? Hardy har har and a big fat cigar?

Yeah Bob, I get it... nice jizzums... U turdburgler.

Ey yo dude! I just jizzumed all over your mom's fzzace!

Uh, I don't think you understand what a jizzum is bro.
by Chief Slapaho June 04, 2013
A person is so hott, the only word you can use to describe them is the result of what happens when you think about shagging them.
Kemi: OMG that guy was just Jizzum! daym!
by Just Tina January 20, 2011
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