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a house or apartment full of white people
hey!,its a cracker shack
by tatersalad August 06, 2003
slang for drugs
can i have some of Yo Mamas candy?
by tatersalad August 02, 2003
a messed up old japanese cartoon its a real show
by tatersalad August 06, 2003
An overrated band that nobody really liked.
The best part of Nirvana was when that one faggot killed himself.
by TaterSalad March 28, 2005
the WHITE sticky stuff that comes out of the TALLYWHACKER.
by tatersalad August 02, 2003
little things in imaginary world that run around that ash and his friends TRY to catch,and is also a card game and a t.v show,and video games,and movies,and collectibles+almost300 of them.
in japan it called "Pocket Monsters"
by tatersalad October 18, 2003
a black dude that acts white
colin powell
by tatersalad August 03, 2003
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