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A piece of cloth that one uses to clean up semen after ejaculating.
Oh shit! My mom found by jizzrag last night, bro!
by Dubs June 30, 2004
53 5
Something used to wipe up semen after masturbation, or alternatively, masturbate into if the pervert in question is somewhere where he'd perfer to leave things as they were when he entered - such as a friend's house or that of his parents. Can be anything from age-old classic, the dirty sock, to a hand towel.
When selecting some random scrap of fabric for use as your jizz rag, do remember that semen can leave unsightly stains on black fabrics.
by Mel December 18, 2005
145 23
A jizz rag is simalar to a catch rag, being that it is used to wipe up or catch cum after jerkin the gherkin. The difference is that a jizz rag is not kept, but rather, thrown away after use. Common jizz rags are usually paper towels, toilet paper, love letters.
Billy's mom found his jizz rag in the toilet because the dumbass forgot to flush it.
by Drew55665 August 18, 2006
44 26
A synonym for a woman's face. Often abbreviated as "JR".
Yo bro that girl has a nice JR!

Man I'd love to use her as a Jizz Rag!
by JRsuperstar April 16, 2010
38 21
rag with sperm on it
bob:hey i wiped my mouth on that rag is that ok

john:yea fine but its my jizz-rag
by dion edwards April 01, 2008
11 2
A derogatory term used to describe a promiscuous woman.

It is meant to signify that she "soaks up semen" from multiple males, and that this is her prime function in life.
Dave: Dude, I just fucked Larhonda!

Cam Neely: She's got a sweet ass, but she's a real jizzrag.

Dave: I'd better go get an HIV test then.

Cam Neely: you're gonna have to get one in 3 months too.
by johnfitzgibbonsIII January 23, 2008
20 11
A used gentlemen's magazine, such as a playboy or hustler or other pornographic periodical.

called so because of its moistened nature from the male owner's over-excitement.
Dude, I went to Amazing and bought Tyler a jizz rag since he can't go there himself... the little creeper.
by seangribben January 10, 2008
35 32