Top Definition
A person who does not suck dick, but lets them blow a load in his/her mouth.
Dan (aka Geoffrey)is a jizzjacker, I caught him in the garage giving Jim a handjob and Jim shot the load in his mouth
by saggy, nutz August 17, 2007
Someone who falls short of completing a promised task.

A person who does not suck cock, but merely milks cum into his/her mouth.

v. jizzjacked, Having been promised something or agreed to perform a task and then the person reneges, doesn't show, etc.

You can't believe him he's a real jizzjacker.

I was counting on a slow, warm, wet BJ but s/he turned out to be only a jizzjacker.

I bought tickets for them and they didn't pay me. I've been jizzjacked.

by Mora Hastits December 13, 2006
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