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shooting jizzy streams out of the pen0r during a state of heightened sexual pleasure. jizzgasms are usually accompanied by groans and/or convulsions and could be a result of mansechs, buttsechs, or any other type of sechs. (see also, snoodling and felching)
i just busted a redonkulous, gigantic jizzgasm al in that bitchs mouth and hair, and now she better get some spermicide in that shit or her little jailbait cumguzzling jizzpuppet cockflute is gonna have some fucking sperm in her bloodstream, BEEEATCH!
by gdk cockgleamer September 26, 2005
A large expulsion of male ejaculate, orgasm.
I jizzgasmed all over that slut-ass ho's face, dawg.
by Tyson Holstein April 24, 2003
to jizz like a wildebeest during an orgasm; sometimes referred to as dropping a bucket of white paint
*after a jizzgasm* dude did somebody drop a bucket of white paint? ummm....yeah. They went....that way. O_O better go get them. o.O...>.>....o.e......BITCH GO GET THEM!
by Chuck Lee Bobby February 08, 2010
1.the self-explanatory word for the male orgasm
2. projectile ejaculate; explosive expulsion of semen
3. a big mess
" Clean up! Your room looks like a big jizzgasm! "
by Oprah's Vagina May 16, 2006
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