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A sexual ritual consisting of multiple men blowing their loads on some trick ass beeyotch.
I went to my friend's house for a party, and wound up getting in on a hell of a jizz fest with this drunk bitch.
by Mr. North April 27, 2006
56 20
A male get together where cum is spilled repeatedly by each individual as a result of the masturbation appeal of a shown porno flick.
Paul invited his friends over for a jizz fest because of the illegal channels that his tv possesed
by Ike February 16, 2005
31 13
A sexual experience involving several male participants and one or two female participants, in which the female recieves a huge amount of jizz to the face.
God Derek! That was an amazing jizzfest, did you see how much jizz she had on her tits and face and arse and head. Jesus there was loads of jizz. Jizz everywhere, even in her hair. What a jizzfest

Your right Cuthbert, shitloads of jizz.
by Jizzle McJizzmiester March 13, 2005
24 13
A term used by men to describe a fun party/ event that they are looking forward to. Also referring to a fun all male experience.
"It's going to be a jizzfest!"
by shannaneeenn March 22, 2009
11 5
when 3 or more guys gang up and jizz into each others mouth then tie down a gypsy and burn her. its very spiritual and a part of becoming a man
man 1: hey man, had a jizzfest yesterday!
boy 2: ahh i havent had mine yet.. so im still a boy
man 1: ohh haha good luck when it happens
by mirraboy January 25, 2011
7 12