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a sound made when keys or coins hit eachother
by anonymous September 16, 2003
32 13
Background: Slang word from the '50s

Definition: A commercial in the form of a song.
Did you hear the new Coca-Cola jingle?
by BigG March 19, 2005
25 13
Another word for change (loose change)
Damn yo' Imma 3 cents short lemme borrow some jingles.
by Brea June 30, 2004
21 11
A code word employed by a sober cohort to prevent future embarrassment the morning after a drunken, office Christmas party; it is used to redirect behaviors and topics of conversation away from the inappropriateness of the inebriated.
Drunken Boss (to a gathered group): "Did I ever tell you about the time I had a menage a trois with..."

Sober Cohort (Interrrupting): "JINGLE!"

Drunken Boss (to Sober Cohort): "Thanks, that will save me a trip to see HR while hungover."
by raveon76 February 12, 2014
6 0
(Philippine English)

To pee. To urinate.
I can't wait no more. I have to jingle before it blows.
by mr. yoso June 28, 2012
9 3
Something that is just too damn detailed or gives too much information. Word derived from a friend's nickname, a friend who loves to give too much information, which is simultaneously funny and frightening.
Something intricately detailed like a piece of art, like the David, could be said to be Jingles. On the other hand, describing something like the way your boyfriend's cum tasted last night is also Jingles.
by KLOT November 11, 2004
13 8
change (coins in your pocket)
ey mayne im short on my 40, you got some jingle
by rek6 November 23, 2007
14 10