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1. a short rap or rhyme done usually freestyle and with no instruments (a cappella).

2. a song in a commercial. See jingle.
"Hit a ditty 'bout 'W' Big G."

"I can't get that new McDonald's ditty outta my head."
by BigG March 19, 2005
Background: Slang word from the '50s

Definition: A commercial in the form of a song.
Did you hear the new Coca-Cola jingle?
by BigG March 19, 2005
the last name of cole, commonly referred to as a little little bitch boy, his sister is really hot and all cole's friend want to bang her.
kreshpane is a scrub but his sister is hot
by bigg November 20, 2014
1. Something that is both useful and versatile.
"It am be a very usatile tool."
by BigG March 20, 2005
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