Pretty much a single... of weed... nothing more, nuthing less...

Ey man... can i score a jinger?
by alexMAN February 01, 2004
Top Definition
To finger a girl through her jeans. (Counts if there is penetration.)
Mark and I saw this girl get jingered on the drunk bus last night while she was making out with this dude.
by JSeed September 20, 2008
Describes the action of a person who is a penny-pincher or very cheap taking anything they can get for free. A combination of Jew and fingers. Is seen on comedy central presents Rachel Feinstein.
Example 1: Man: Get you jingers of my gold!

Example 2: Man: He couldn't keep his jingers off the free samples.
by attendee of Radnor High June 18, 2010
An increment of marijuana.
Simon: Nick, you're stoned again.
Nick: Yeah i had a few jingers left over from earlier this morning when i had another smoke.
Jamie: Too many Jingers!
by Jingers4life September 23, 2008
A white chick that is 25% asian. Doesn't really mind the fact that she's a bit diffferent somewhat and is somewhat smart. Likes to hang out with the weirdest people,usually asians to bring out the "asian-ness" in herself. Has a pretty good life and is pretty successful in everything. But she fails at a few things.
?: Did you see that Jinger?
!: Yes...why?
?: Well she passed this test that nobody did at school!
!: Well, she IS a Jinger.
?: Man, I wish I was asian so she'd hang out with me.
by Nomz Eating July 26, 2009
A Chinese person from Beijing; the opposite of a honger
I am a jinger, you damn honger.
by I got no pants April 20, 2003
A Chinese girl who "jings".
She jings me to ejaculation.
by Shawn Tait February 14, 2004
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