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best ND QB since Ron Pawlus.
Also see: 1.'wow, I bruise easy when a 300lb Michigan lineman plants me like a flower bulb', 2.'football sure is fast when you are not playing in the smallest division against weak opponents', 3. 'Please Charlie, that hurts, could I put my pants back on?'
"Hey, is that Ron Pawlus? oh, never mind it's just Rick Mirer or is that Jimmy Clausen. They all eventually look the same"
by M. LoVecchio October 24, 2006
1. Current So. Cal. qb at Oaks Christian that dominates all defenses

2. Thought to be God's second son in human form (The Prodigy, initials J.C., and wears number 7)

3. Future Notre Dame quarter-back that will return them to glory
Wow! Jimmy Clausen is good.
by Jason Meyer July 21, 2006
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