Simply the greatest man to ever play at the 6 strings. A hero and an icon. Sadly he died of an OD and he is the reason why I will stay drug free so I won't die like him.
Andrew:What ya listening to Jenny?
Jenny:Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist EVER!!!
Andrew:He's OK.
Jenny:*Punches Andrew*No he's not he's the greatest!
by Darth_`Eowyn October 17, 2006
The person that God worships.
Jimi Hendrix reinvented the guitar the RIGHT way.
by Razastyle August 21, 2008
greatest guitarist of all time, modern guitarists are still (in vain) trying to catch up to him, discovered everything there was to be discovered about the electric guitar, they killed him september 18 1970 he said goodbye with electric ladyland and also personally on september 16. if we dont meet him no more in this world we'll meet him in the next one nd wont be late.
by musicmusicmusic2008 October 20, 2008
There has been pretty excellent guitarists in the world. Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, all excellent at what they do. But once upon a time, in the late '60's, there was and trio called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Their frontman, Jimi Hendrix, would be the man who showed the limitless potential in the guitar.

There's something about Jimi that makes me say "F***!" Is it his antics? The lyrics? His ability to play our national anthem with his teeth? Or is it his bluesy distortion and his overwhelming creativity that sets off the "HOLY S***!" meter? Maybe it's all those attributes combined that makes Hendrix the greatest guitarist of all time.

Opinions on three of his songs:

Purple Haze is his only top-chart song, making it an one-hit wonder. The song is a 2+ minute ride in Jimi's pot-filled world, with an cool solo.

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) was his last song for his last album, Electric Ladyland, and it made a hell of a bang. It has an very memorable opening riff and remains one of Jimi's best.

All Along The Watchtower is the second Bob Dylan song he covered, but is considered, even by Dylan, to be Jimi's magnum opus. The solo is considered to be one of the greatest in history.
Jimi Hendrix is an true Guitar Hero! No question.
by Mr.CommonSense October 10, 2008
The baddest guitar playing fucker to ever live.
He traveled the Chitlin Circuit to really try and perfect his bluesy side. He continued his playing and developed a mixture of blues and rock like nobody had seen. He broke through and was noticed by Chas Chandler of the Animals in Cafe Wha? up in Greenwhich Village.
Jimi created rock and roll and is the greatest guitarist ever. HE IS A GOD
fag: Slash is the best guitarist ever

not a fag: were you dropped when you were little? Jimi Hendrix musically rapes Slash from the grave.
by PurpleHaze76767 May 29, 2008
the shit
jimi hendrix is the shit
by SuperflyShields July 15, 2011
What happened once Jesus and sex combined.
Axis: Bold as Love- Jimi Hendrix
by drpepperlover February 04, 2011

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