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This phrase came about after a cop named Jim appeared on the TV show Three Sheets and spilled beer all over himself when trying to drink or chug beer. Jim the cop'd means to spill on yourself while you are drinking.
Hank over there Jim the cop'd when he tried to chug that beer.

That jerk would have lost the chugging contest if he did not Jim the cop'd.

by Ryan Hagan January 10, 2008
To spill beer on ones shirt when chugging. First used on the show "Three Sheets" on MOJO.
Tom would've won the drinking contest, but he was disqualified when he Jim the Cop'd.
by Necroletariat January 03, 2008
The act of spilling your beer during a chug contest. This typically occurs with inferior competitors that attempt to hastily finish their content before others. In the event of a tie, someone guilty of this act would be considered the loser and not 'three sheets' worthy. Hence, the first offender was Jim the Cop who's name now goes into posterity whenever this occurs.
Man he was on a winner's pace until he Jim the Cop'd.
by Bob Mik January 03, 2008
When someone is chugging a beverage (usually alcoholic) and it spills down the side of his/her face.

This term was coined by "Zane Lamprey" on the show "Three Sheets" shown on the MojoHD Channel during the New Years Special 12/31/2007.
Dude, you totally just Jim the Cop'd all over yourself!
by Llamaboy01 January 02, 2008
The act of wasting your alcoholic beverage from your mouth to your shirt when trying to chug more than you can handle i.e.: shot gun, beer bong or just being too drunk to drunk to properly get beverage from point A (hand) to point B (mouth).

From the drinking show "Three sheets" with Zane Lamprey
Carlos attemped to shot gun his beer but was so bad at it he Jim the Cop'd all over his shirt
by Secca January 19, 2010

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