Jim Morrison was a truly remarkable guy. He was the son of a Navy Admiral, brought up in the same kind of middle-class comfort that he (and many others)sought, and still seek, to rebell against. In short, Jim was prepared to go over the edge to follow what he believed to be his true path. He had the courage to forsake the safety of his life and choose the stormy waters to sail into. He did not compromise. Ever. But he paid the ultimate price. But for people like Jim, there is no old age or retirement. Only immortality. And that would be ruined if he was now an old wash-out like that other legend Brando faded into. Sadly Jim was flawed, like all of us. the difference was that his flaw (alcoholisim) was used to vilify him and prosecute him by a society that (in the 1960's) was terrifyed of what him and his ilk stood for.
'Jim Morrison lived out there on the edge. All the time. Somebody has to, in order to make up for those of us who choose to play it safe all the time.' - Danny Sugarman
by The Good Dr. Eric January 24, 2007
One of the most talented song-writers and singers of his century. Front man of the amazing band the doors. He was the third member of the 27 club and predicted that he would be, stating after Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix's death "you're looking at the third". He was found dead in his bathroom in Paris by his soulmate Pam, although the exact reason for his death is still unknown, it is believed to have to do with heroin but it is not certain. There was also speculation of him trying to flee to africa from his rockstar lifestyle. Although many people think he did, he DID NOT write the door's hit song "light my fire" but wrote the mojority of the bands lyrics. His career basically ended at a show in miami when he exposed himself on stage and was filled with lawsuits. He was known to be unpredictable, especially when performing and was known to change music lyrics on a whim. He was very controversial and in his song "the end" added "Father, I want to kill you.. Mother, I want to fuck you" ... oedipus-like lyrics. A brilliant man nonetheless. He didn't decide to make a band until he was in college and didn't enjoy filmmaking as much as he had hoped to. While in college, he had a room with books from floor to ceiling on every wall and would challenge his friends to pick any book while he had his eyes cloesd, and read just a line or two.. he would instantly tell them the name of the book and the author. He approached his friend Ray (who became a member of the doors) and sang him "moonlight drive". He had many inspirations for his song lyrics, when he was five years old he was driving in the car with his family and saw a family of native americans who had just gotten into a car accident and were all basically dying on the side of the road. in his song "Peace Frogs" there is a line that states "Indians scattered on dawns highway bleeding". Overall Jim Morrison was a brilliant, talented man and any poet should wish to write half as well as he did.
"There are things known, and there are things unknown, and inbetween is
The Doors."
- Jim Morrison
by yoitsars10 April 04, 2007
the most beautiful, intelligent, philosophical, poetic soul in the history of this fucking universe. aka the lizard king, he was also an artist in his own right. a poet, philosopher, writer, director, lyricist/singer, sexy greek god, my inspiration. if he was still alive, i'd pay a million bucks just to watch him eat cheerios. he's on par with my spiritual father Frank Zappa. Jim Morrison, a musical god, a god in general. a greek dyonisus incarnate. i can go on forever. i can't even put into words how this man has changed my perspective on the world and life. if i had to pick which one to save, my dog or jim, it would totally be mr. mojo risin.

sorry noodles.
Random Chick: "you like Jim Morrison?"

Me: (talking for 2 hours straight about how much i love him and how he's infiltrated my soul better than any "God" ever could.)
by Housewife Vagina February 04, 2010
Possibly the most amazing songwriter/poet to roam the earth. His music will survive all eternity without pause and inspire young and old alike. He is a god of all music that was and all music that will ever exsist. I am not yet convinced of his death.
Dude that was like friggin Jim Morrison!
Jim Morrison inspired that song!
by silvrrstarr February 23, 2009
Jim Morrison is a god amoung men when it comes to singing and poetry. The lyrics to his songs preformed by some of the greatest musicians ever. Robby Kreiger, Ray Manzerek, and John Densmore. Jims powerful voice, genius poetry, and blatant deliquancy made him what he is known as now: one of the greatest rock singers the world has ever known. Unfortunatley, he died in 1971 in Paris from a heart attack. However, there has been some contraversy over wether Jim is alive or not. The only person who knew for sure was his girlfriend Pamela, who was with him when he died. Although, she took the secret to her grave when she died 3 years after Jim. We salute you, Mr. Mojo Risin.
Jim Morrison once said, "Hello, I am Jim Morrison of the Doors, shooting speed ain't cool, so snort it." I'd say that about sums up most of his lifetime.
by k bokes January 06, 2010
He is life. A magnificently brilliant and attractive man from the 60's, was the lead singer of the doors and died too young and too soon. He was a poet and an artist. You'd be lucky to know Jim Morrison. He held a lot of hurt in his heart from his childhood and that was his downfall. The doors was the music that truly shaped rock and roll for future bands and will remain classic and legionary
Wow I love the doors and especially Jim morrison. Hes such a babe
by yourforeverisallthatineed March 12, 2015
A poet, a revolutionary, best known as the leader of the 1960s rock band "The Doors". Often considered to be the original Kurt Cobain.

Although smart and talented, Jim was drawn into the world of drugs like so many other rock stars. Many speculate this was the cause of his tragic death at only 27.

Although gone Jim's legacy remains and inspires many to this day.
Jim Morrison was no ordinary rockstar. He was the Robert Frost of rockstars.
by StevenZ July 07, 2012
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