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female masturbation

the female equivalent of jacking off is jilling off.
Example: I was bored at home, and my boyfriend was out of town, so I started jilling off.
by goodvibration November 12, 2007
The female version of jacking off derived from Jack and Jill. Jack for the boys, Jill for the girls.
I walked in on Marina jilling off while she was watching porn. I'm not sure whether she was extremely startled at the disturbance, or if she jilled her panties! It was so loud.
by DieselBoy July 18, 2013
The act of hanging with, walking in hallways or chatting on facebook with the members of JIL. Often includes conversation about interesting and philosophical topics.
Guy 1: Hey, What are you doing?
Guy 2: Just jilling!
Guy 1: *confused look*
by TheIinJIL May 29, 2013
To hang out while one is supposed to be working. AKA Slacking.

Other forms: jill out, jillaxing
John and Jane were supposed to be working, but found themselves jilling instead.
by Brianna Scott August 29, 2007
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