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A person who is not a active in militant Islam, but is a sympathizer or supporter of the cause, without actually being part of the movement. Referred to the JCTTF, FBI and others as "self starters" or "home grown terrorists" in the making.
Nidal Hassan, Adam Gadahn, and others until they decided to believe their own hype, go from Jihobbyists to full blown (HA!) Jihadists.
by wode June 13, 2011
White-collar or college student Muslims in America or Europe who do not actively engage in violent Jihad, but belong to online radical Islam social groups, & contribute to websites which show beheading videos etc.
"The receptionist at work, Omar, was caught at work today on one of those beheading websites, that jerk is a Ji-hobbyist"
by nebelwerfer December 28, 2008
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