This term was coined from the TV anime/cartoon "Pokémon" when jigglypuff drew on peoples' faces after s/he sung them to sleep.

It is when you draw on someone's face with a permanent marker while they're sleeping or unconscious.


When your face gets drawn on with a permanent marker while you were sleeping or unconscious.
Example 1: "Dude, Mike passed out at the party and I just jigglypuffed him."
Example 2: "I got jigglypuffed at last night's party."
by Xyphos August 30, 2010
1. Being written all over because you passed out first at a party.

2. Being written all over because you passed out at a party with your shoes on.
Woke up next to a cute clothes are still on..she got jigglypuffed

You deserve to get jigglypuffed if you pass out at a party

Better have your markers ready because the first person to fall a sleep is getting jigglypuffed
by higher Ed August 16, 2011
To be forced to eat out a 300+ pound woman, resulting in complete loss of dignity. May occur while intoxicated or incapacitated--still results in same effect.
My friend was jigglypuffed by some blob-esque woman. He proceeded to shoot himself.
by Grand Admiral Moff September 18, 2006

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