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When an AI video game character continuously runs/walks into the same wall until hit or killed.

This comes from playing Super Smash Bros. on the N64 while playing against level 1 jigglypuffs. They have a great tendancy to find a wall and keep walking into it, hence the word jigglypuffing
Where is that last bot? In the corner jigglypuffing!
by J.o.h.n.G January 29, 2009
To get pwned by a jigglypuff
Player 1: dude that jigglypuff just pwned you
Player 2: nooooo! i have been jigglyfucked
by J.o.h.n.G February 03, 2009
the hand scanner used at several stores. this is a better name for it than simply a 'hand scanner'
Customer: Do i need to put this pop on the belt?
Karla(cashier):No, i can have John scan it with the clicker thingy
John: Yay!
by J.o.h.n.G January 31, 2009
wtfdyw= what the fuck do you want
Scenario: You are playing an MMORPG and someone follows you around.

You: wtfdyw noob!
by J.o.h.n.G January 31, 2009
What the WarRock censorship turns the word "Fucktard"
Why the hell did you kill me you farg disabled! Damnit, stupid censorship.
by J.o.h.n.G January 30, 2009
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