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1. (n): a person known for wasting and/or stalling for time.
2. (verb): -ing; the act of stalling for time and/or wasting time
1. God, Sam is such a jiggledick. He really needs to get his act together.
2. Well you know what, Susan, if the teller at the bank hadn't been jiggledicking me for an hour I would have made it to dinner.
by TheMcStaplez December 20, 2011
It's similar to tea bagging when playing a video game, except you jiggle your dick side to side over their face while squatting. It's also acceptable to smack them with it or dip it in their mouth during the process.
While playing a Halo multiplayer game, I was killed and tea bagged, so in retaliation, I gave them the jiggle dick after I killed them.
by Gunner BEAVIS January 09, 2011
telling some one they can fuck off
can you let me borrow some cash, umm you can jiggle dick.
by antg06 August 05, 2011

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