A retarded word nobody uses anymore
A 50 year old man called me a jigalow and i still don't know what the fuck that means
by ionsnake22 September 30, 2011
Top Definition
A jigalow is a male bitch or a male hoe
damn he's a jigalow
you sleep aroung to much jigalow
by Ashley2525 June 25, 2005
male slut! a promiscuous male who just wants P-U-S-S-Y!and lots of it! you dun know it aint just women!
He's a jigalow with so many hoes!
by Neeshee October 26, 2005
male prostiute cheap dirty will do anything for a 5iva weather its male or female..
yo that gayl over there says jays a jigalow swear i didnt think he woz that nasty errr....
by kerrie_j February 01, 2008
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