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Adjective- When an individual is behaving like a jerk and an idiot simultaneously.
Man 1: Dude that guy just stole my brownie, ate it and spit it out on the floor!

Man2: That guy is a total jidiot man.
by miltitude August 01, 2012
An adjective meaning stupid, brainless, and unintelligent. Usually refers to something a person does. A "duh" moment.
A guy walks toward a door, reaches for the handle while leaning forward to push open the door, but completely misses the handle and bangs his head on the door.
Another guy: "Wow. That was pretty frickin jidiot, dude."
by abmiepumb January 21, 2011
a combination of a jurk and an idiot used to insult
brie:mom ur a fucking jidiot

mom:wtf that
by sam recco March 20, 2006
When one is simply being a jew and an idiot at the same time
jim: I dont play games on steam hehe.
Leafy: Your a total jidiot bro.
jim: Fuck You Nigger!
by BaconBush May 11, 2016
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