A word used around the Killorglin area that has spread to parts of Cork City it is a slang term used to describe the act of intercourse or getting the ride. It also has an interpretation as a persons partner.
- So did ya get the jibb last night?
- Yeah i jibbed her flat out

- Whos that one over by the window?
- Oh she's Tony's jibb
by AT2jibbster December 10, 2010
Racist slang referencing anyone outside of the United States and Europe, specifically those residing in Africa or the Middle East. Short for gibber talker
I couldn't understand a word that jibb TA was saying in class.
by curryman789 July 27, 2012
A guy who needs to put little children in his songs who can probably rap better than him. He is liked by people with names like Scott Jenkins or Freddy the Unicorn who like pivot and who can't get their calculators to work, and say things like "MISS can I have a RULER pleaseeeee?" In a really put-on low voice.
Scott: Oh crap my calculator won't work!

(Window smashes as Jibbs bursts through)

Jibbs: I'll fix it!

(Jibbs sings)

Jibbs: My name is Jibbs, I play on Pivot. Went on teh internetz and say Runescape was down so I heard Scotts call, broke thru da window and sung ma song, make dat calculator work...

(Jibbs babbles on)

Scott: Wow Jibbs thanks! It works!

Cool guy: Yeah cool Jibbs now gtfo kthnxbai.
by JGray July 25, 2009
A joint of marijuana...

darrick-aye, fire up 'at jibb.
shai-yeahh man,lets smoke a jibb!
sarah-smoke a jibb, dude.
deejay-okay, we'll smoke a jibb.
sheldon-whats a jibb?
all yelling- a jibb is a joint, dumb ass!!
by dave perry November 25, 2007
a rapper with a lot of talent, and great beats who gets shit from a bunch of haters just because he doesnt swear on his album. there need to be more rappers like him that parents dont have to worry about their kids listening to.
jibbs has a lot more talent than than some idiots like David Banner and 50 Cent, who try to spice up their raps by swearing gratuitously.
by Brian313 March 29, 2007
An unintelligable dialect spoken by any person/s attempting to communicate with anyone or anything, real or imagined. Often accompanied by the exaggerated gestures which exasperate the frequently lost meanings behind the initial thought of the individual jibber.
The Lost Book of Jibb contains all the hidden truths of all jibb to be spoken.
by Eric Kast December 02, 2006
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