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the feeling one gets while on crystal meth
dude im totally jibbed out *burns a bug*
by anonymous July 25, 2003
11 37
To cheap one out of something.
"Hey man,you jibbed me out of the last beer!"
by leftinsane July 18, 2003
120 51
To be dumped
I jibbed that slut last night.
by Kizza March 29, 2004
47 52
to have parts of a car, boat, etc. taped on
that truck is so jibbed look at the lights
by colonel-jhonson November 05, 2009
8 18
to awake from sleep extremely hungover the morning after intense consumption of alcohol.
"After drinking three 40's of Bud and a half a bottle of Groppa, I woke up feeling like crap... then I thought to myself... "I'm jibbed."
by Colonel Biff May 12, 2009
12 25
To be shut down, humiliated, punk'd.
"She got so badly jibbed!"
by Krissi May 31, 2005
13 35
to badly mess up a shot in Tiger Woods 2004 on the XBox
"Fuckin' ell i ve jibbed it, what a cunt"
by the gimps January 18, 2004
14 37